The Brain at Play

Right now my daughter is sitting in her playroom, and a constant stream of language and song is pouring from her mouth. I can hear the things she is processing with many mentions of her doctor,

One, two, three seconds
one two three seconds
now ten seconds
(counts up)
ten seconds
all done

It is clear that her brain needs this time to mull over what she is learning.

“What day is it?” she asks me.
“Do I get to stay home today?” she follows up.
“Yes, you stay home today,” I reply.
Then the inevitable, “Why?”
Having had this conversation many times, I give only a brief answer, “Because it’s Saturday.”
She dives back into her solo play, and sure enough, snippets of former conversations on this topic with her mom and me surface and coalesce into her current understanding of why she doesn’t go to school on Saturday.

Soon enough she is back to counting and telling me variously that it is 5 o’clock, 3 o’clock and other o’clocks. After asking for the time, she remarks, “9:45, that’s a lot!”



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