Safe Sippy

At his one year doctor’s appointment, my son checked out just fine, and we were reminded to move him on to sippy cups instead of bottles. Out came the daughter’s old sippy cups, but with massive travel followed by massive illness in the house, that transition was put off for a little while. Today, I got tired of taking the bottle away as the son gnawed on the silicone nipple, so I dumped the remaining milk in a sippy cup and plunked it on his tray. The son looked perplexed, gave the new vessel a few tries, and looked at me with a wrinkled brow.
“Dad, what the heck?” came across loud and clear.
But I stuck to my guns, and by the end of breakfast, he was taking swallows from his new milk supply mechanism. He may have not had as much as he would in the morning, but he got the idea. 
With the daughter, we purchased seemingly endless varieties of sippy cups in order to find one that she would use. She probably settled on this one out of sheer frustration with the parade of different mouth pieces, shapes, and materials. The son gets no such pandering. We have lots of these, so this is it.
That being said, we like the Safe Sippy. It is stainless steel, fairly simple, and doesn’t leak all that much. The silicone gaskets inside do need replacing now and then, but that is the only minor hassle. We haven’t used the orange handles or the included adapter that allows for an internal straw to keep the sippy cup upright.


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