Dough – not bread

 Well, after getting the tools and materials to try out Artisan Bread in Five Minutes, I got started today after nap and quiet time. I don’t know if the one year-old took his nap, but I sure did!

The 3.5 year old was very excited to get started. First we measured warm water into the mixing bowl. Then we measured and added yeast and salt. Last, we measured and added flour. We put the bowl in the mixer, its inaugural use, locked down the arm, and turned it on. It was amazing how much easier it was to watch a mixer create dough before our eyes than the many times I have hand kneeded or stirred dough or batter of many kinds. I am a convert already!

We then set the timer for two hours, an amount of time outside the comprehension of my daughter, and left the dough to rise. With dinner starting early, we were not able to bake bread today. Probably Wednesday will be the first chance to see how this recipe works.


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