Give them Bread

 One of my fond memories from childhood is making bread. We kept a sourdough start in the fridge, and each week we baked bread. I don’t remember how long this went on or how old I was, but I do remember the wonderful smell of baking bread, the chance to participate in cooking, and the small muffin sized breads that my sisters and I were allowed to make.

My wife had a bread maker before we married, and it has sat in a cupboard or on the kitchen counter when I get it out intending to start making bread. This impulse has done nothing but take up counter space and add a layer of dust to an already neglected bread maker.

Last week I picked up Artisan Bread in Five Minutes by Hertzberg and Francois in hope of kicking my bread making into gear. Tonight I will read enough to get the basics and go shopping tomorrow for the materials and ingredients I need. Bread will happen, and the kids will be part of the process. 



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