Painting her World

 My daughter loves to paint, and luckily she gets the opportunity often at school. Today, she asked to paint, and we got out the supplies. She chose the small brush that comes with the set, and I got the large one. We experimented with mixing different colors in the palette area of the paint set and rinsing the brush between different colors. I created a few shapes at her request that she then tried to trace around. There were so many learning experiences wrapped up in just a short painting session. 

Earlier, we made our second batch of bread dough. This time we used less salt and a bit of whole wheat flour because we ran out of white. The dough rose, so the yeast is working, and tomorrow we will bake more loaves.

 A very large part of my childhood involved creative materials and baking. Paint sets and paper, some scissors, crayons. We used these to decorate our world and create our play. We had very few pre-determined toys that had a story already attached. I remember once I got an Evil Kenevil motorcycle and rider that had a pull cord to make it go. It was soon broken. The robust blocks and legos, the endless supply of paper from dad’s school, and even things like lawn chairs and blankets were, in the end, much more satisfying.


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