Nourishing My Soul

 Today, I went from school to yoga. After a quick trip home to help out with the bath and bed routine, I was off to paper cutting class. Some Tuesdays, I don’t even get back in time to help out with bath and bed. Although the day at work can be long, these other activities give me a chance to be reflective, to have non-work related time with adults, and to nourish parts of my soul that otherwise get neglected in the hustle and bustle of child rearing and of work.

An added benefit of yoga before bath and bed routine was approaching what can be a heightened energy time with a much more grounded and calm center. 

I find it to be very important to have these outlets in order for me to be receptive and open to the kids. There are many different plants in the garden of my soul; some need company, some need alone time, some need lots of attention, other need little, and some seem to change constantly. When left untended, there is just less of me to offer to my family and my community. 


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