Goal Priorities

Today is one of those all-day-with-the-kids kinds of days. My son is working through the cold my daughter had, and I now am feeling it. Some good friends and neighbors had a hospital visit and need some support, so their daughter came over this afternoon and played with my daughter. We made bread, a now regular routine in the house, and even made tacos together. She and my daughter spent a lot of time in the play room having fun and distributing all of the toys evenly on every horizontal surface.

With classical music playing and a cider in hand, I am reflecting on the day. I did a lot of errands and chores. I played with both kids and our neighbor’s kid. The feeling that I did not accomplish anything major is tied to other goals like cleaning up my office, writing a novel, exercising (though we did walk to the grocery store and back), and the many other things that sit and molder on my idealistic to-do list.

The important thing is for me to reframe the day and realize it is the actualization of my most profound goal–being a dad. That was what today was all about, and in that I really succeeded.  

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