These Shoes Were Made for Walking and Walking Again

 Yesterday, in one of those strokes of obvious brilliance, I suggested that we open up the shoe storage container to see if any would fit our eager-to-walk son. Sure enough, he has become size 6 without our knowing it. Mostly he rambles around the house in a sleeper, but now that he really wants to get on his feet outside, shoes are in order. This necessitates not just adding shoes to the wardrobe, but also putting him in pants because the sleeper feet just don’t fit inside shoes that well. Since we bought all of our daughter’s shoes as gender neutral as possible, they are available for him to wear. Gender neutral really means from the boy’s section without sharks, guns, camouflage, or other testosterone driven imagery. It is really sad that everything in the girl’s section tends to be at best sparkly and pink and at worst non functional, pink, and sparkly. 

So today, my son stomped, assisted, in his shoes for a little while and then rode in the stroller to pick up his sister from preschool. He really enjoyed taking off his mittens, shoes, and socks repeatedly on this trip.

It takes me 30 minutes to walk to the preschool at a brisk pace. Once there, my daughter was surprised by the single stroller. There was no second seat for her to slide in and get pushed home. With the promise of a bagel at the grocery store (where the last day for a game they are running happens today and the possibility of two cute kids to get more tokens was a possibility), we set out. She did really well considering she doesn’t get much walking in these days. At 2 years old, she regularly walked a fair distance. Two hours later with a stop at the store included, we got home. The son, barely shod by this time, was cranky and tired for his afternoon nap, and he went down without much fuss after a brief meal. The daughter curled up on the sofa with me to read books in a very calm manner. I think I really gave her enough exercise today.

I know I gave myself enough because I promptly fell asleep after reading four books to her and was only woken up by her playing a drum a few feet from my head.


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