Hearts in the Mail

Our preschool has a policy of not celebrating holidays in school, and I love it. A school I worked in previously also had this policy, and it was hard for people who became frenetically wrapped up in the holiday spirit to see how it affected them, other adults, and the children they were teaching. The almost manic fervor some people put into their observance ranges outside what young children developmentally can handle well. In addition, we are so bombarded by merchandising at holiday times, that it is a relief to have a space free of the constant music and colors of each festival.

That being said, I do enjoy Valentine’s Day. I remember it being pronounced Valentime’s Day repeatedly when I was growing up. I still have some hand-made cards from elementary school that came from a friend. My daughter got one today in the mail. A family that respects the requests of the school to not hand them out during the day sent one to our daughter, and I imagine they sent one to each kid in the class. She hasn’t opened it yet, but I look forward to her doing so because I am sure it will be special to her.

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