And He’s Off!

My son, just one in December, has decided that now it is time to walk. Back in December, he took a few halting steps, and since then has taken the odd step or three before promptly sitting down. He cruises quickly around the house and can pass from chair to wall to table to person’s leg with ease. In the last few days, however, he has taken very determined groups of steps and is getting quicker all the time.

At night, he has been waking up crying, mostly for the teeth that are erupting from his gums, but I now think that processing the walking was also contributing to his sleepless nights. I wonder how it feels to have all the neurons in one’s brain buzzing and stimulated the way they must be at such developmental changes. When I go to a really good conference or take an excellent class, I get that sense of awareness and excitement that must be a shadow of the world-expanding experience that mastering walking must be.


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