Hey Kids!

Today, with my wife out at a retreat for two days, I decided that we had to get out of the house. We have bought a membership at a local farm run by the Audubon Society. With the one year-old in the stroller and the 3.5 year-old happily walking through puddles and mud in her new rain boots, we tromped around the farm to see what was new. Several new buildings are finished or close to completion, but we did not go in. I look forward to seeing what is in the new visitor center. However, we did do a quick loop to look at all the animals: the goats and sheep, the chickens, the pigs, the cows, and the wild animals. After that, we sat down to a picnic, hit the restroom, and headed home. With my son’s napping schedule currently on two per day, it limits the length of these outings. When he switches over to one nap, we can be out for a much longer block of time. That being said, I think this trip was the limit of what my daughter wanted for walking around today. We got home, she had quiet time, and my son and I both took naps.


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