Those Are Pliers, and Those Are Channel Locks

This evening, my daughter and I did quite a few chores around the house as my wife, her father, and my son went off to do some grocery shopping. The first thing we did was set up the bread maker to bake a new loaf. She carefully measured out and poured flour, whole wheat flour, a sprinkle of a whole grain hot cereal, salt, yeast, water, butter, and molasses into the bread pan. The only one I had major assistance on was the molasses. We spent quite a bit of time getting the right amount of water. This involved teaching her how to read the two cup liquid measure. She filled it to the brim and then poured out microscopic drops, checking between each one, until she had one cup. I also taught her how to scoop and level the flour. Periodically through the rest of the evening, she asked to look through the breadmaker window to see what was happening; this was especially interesting when the paddle was mixing the dough.

We then worked on fixing the gates that keep my son from wandering into the kitchen unattended and hurting himself on the myriad unchildproofed drawers, tools, and appliances. One gate had become loose from the repeated opening by adults and shaking/swinging upon by children. The gate has never stayed open, so we rigged a magnet attached to a handle that will catch the gate and keep it open when we need it to stay that way. We then turned the other gate around to allow a door to more fully close.

Lastly, we went upstairs and used hex wrenches to tighten all the bolts on her bed and my son’s crib. Both pieces of furniture get their fair share of shaking, pushing, and knocking about. I noticed both were getting a little wobbly, so my daughter identified which size wrench to use, inserted it into the bolt head, and turned it to tighten each bolt. When she grunted and put her effort into it, she got them pretty tight, too.

It is a high priority of mine to have my daughter and my son very comfortable around tools. I want them to know which tools to choose for which projects, how to use those tools safely, and how to take care of the tools, as well.

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