To Farm or Not to Farm. That is the Question!

With the temps hitting 68 today, I just couldn’t wait to put something in the ground. When my son fell asleep in the car on the way home from running errands after dropping my daughter off at preschool, I decided to park the car in the driveway, open the door, and let him sleep with the sounds of birds and feel of fresh breezes on his skin. Even the recycling truck banging away and a very loud school group did not disturb him.  I eased open the garage door, got out a cultivator, rake, and a shovel and attacked my compost bin and the patch of ground that will be this year’s garden. After some effort, there was a nice sized rectangle of turned earth mixed with peat moss and finished compost. Standing behind the brick ringed plot is a steel flower sculpture made by a friend of mine.

After my son had his second nap, my neighbor picked up her daughter who I looked after for a short while, and my daughter had settled down, I took the two kids out to a nearby playground. When we returned, my daughter and I spent some time planting peas in one end of the plot. They are snow peas, so …

When I rustled up my watering can, I found that a rodent had taken a bite out of the bottom. I’ll have to bring up the hose from the basement once I get more planted. I am so excited to see how this year’s plants fare.



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