My wonderful wife gave me the day. I got my son up in the morning when he started fussing, and I took care of him after his morning nap when my wife went to work for a meeting. Other than my daughter popping in my room from time to time and brief interactions with my son through the day, I was able to focus on getting some housework done. I reintegrated at the dinner/bath/bed routine and helped shepherd the kids through that. What did I do with this day?

  • Install a toothbrush holder in the kids’ bathroom
  • Attach a bookshelf in their room to the wall
  • Fix my wife’s bureau
  • Install a printer (but it didn’t work)
  • Create labels for the flour, sugar, and other dry goods containers
  • Clear space in my daughter’s playroom for her expanding stuff. This was a big task
  • Move out old coffee table books that have just gathered dust and replaced them with weights for my exercising.
  • Recycled old magazines
  • Organized lots of little things
  • Made a respectable dent in the piles on my desk
  • Made a respectable dent the tasks waiting my attention in the digital world

I made a list of things I would like to accomplish today, and there are so many more things. Tomorrow I must pack for our trip on Thursday, but I might squeak a few more chores in before I leave.


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