Science Center: for Dads or Daughters?

Today, my brother-in-law and I took our daughters to the St. Louis Science Center. We are both geeks and probably would have been quiet happy going without kids and spending hours playing with all the exhibits, especially the Star Trek exhibit. However, we both feel it is important to expose our youngsters to these types of environments, and while they both were a bit young for most of it, the whole museum will leave experience and memory in their minds that will support their further growth in the sciences. When we first entered, the planetarium foyer was filled with a space exploration exhibit which included capsules, toys, and much more. My daughter has been on quite an astronaut kick, so this was a perfect intro to the museum. Pictured above is an enormous kinetic sculpture/Rube Goldberg machine. We saw it from vantage points on three different floors and while taking a lunch break. When I asked my daughter what her favorite part of the museum was, she replied, “The big bridge that fell down.” There was an extensive display with hands on materials and video of bridge building, and she watched the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse several times. She also liked the animatronic dinosaurs.


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