What’s that between your toes?

feetMaybe other parents are more observant than me, but there are times I am surprised by something on my kids’ bodies. This was especially true when my daughter was young. I was constantly, it seemed, finding new places that I had neglected washing. I remember the under the neck and behind the ears ones particularly.

Recently, I had a similar experience. When changing her socks, I noticed some flaky skin between her toes, and sure enough she has athlete’s foot. Boston is cold, and she usually sleeps with two pairs of socks on. Sometimes those socks stay on, and she even lobbies to have three pairs during the day on occasion. My wife and I have been diligently washing between her toes and restricting her to only one pair of socks, but this has not worked. Today, I saw her toes in daylight, and they still need attention.

I didn’t bring any sandals to St. Louis with me on this trip, and with temps approaching blazing hot tomorrow, I decided to get her some open toed shoes and some medicated creme (if it was age appropriate). Yes on both counts, so tonight starts the regimen of applying it between her very ticklish toes, and she is already out walking about in her new flip-flops. These, I think, make the whole situation palatable to her.


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