Today, my brother-in-law and I took our daughters to the City Museum. Their tag line is, “Where the imagination runs wild,” and that is very true. Every surface and every object is functional and decorative. It is one of  if not my favorite places on Earth. For those who have not been, it is worth a trip to St. Louis to go. Each time I do go, I am greeted with many new elements and features. It is a place that constantly amazes me that it stays open.

There are many mazes and climbing structures created from welded steel, poured concrete, and found objects like enormous caskets, planes, and trees. Even with the four or so hours we spent there, we did not see everything. Far from it. Even if we had walked and climbed every conceivable nook and cranny, we still would not have seen everything.


Pictured above is a lens set into a railing. It is focusing on a mosaic octopus on the floor below.

















The mosaics from gears, watch bands, and other found objects adorn floors and walls. Sculptures of whales, squids, and all kinds of creates peer at you from every angle, and you can climb through it all. Every hole and ladder beacons a new adventure. This is fun, and this is exactly the kind of experience I want for my children.

The two girls, aged just three and almost four, took turns being brave and then following the lead of the other. It was a great experience that I really don’t think can be replicated anywhere else in the world.

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