Parent Helper

I had the chance, again, to be the parent helper for the morning at my daughter’s preschool. I love the chance to see her interacting in the school setting even though I am sure my presence affects how she acts. I like getting to know the other kids better. Now my daughter’s stories about her day have much more context having seen and interacted with the children in her class.

I was fairly tired from bowling last night and then helping my wife process an item on her plate. I was jazzed and frazzled, so I frittered many hours just calming down. On short rest, working with twelve 3 year-olds is something of a challenge, but it just reaffirms my appreciation for the teachers who do this day in and day out.

One of the parent helper jobs is to bring and set up the morning snack. Today, I brought cherry tomatoes, green grapes, bananas, carrots, and fresh baked bread from the breadmaker this morning. I thought the trays of food were a beautiful rainbow of colors. There were no complaints about not having crackers or some other more processed food, and the bread was gobbled up quickly. I am really enjoying the recipe with which I am currently playing. Molasses and oatmeal are the main deviations from the original instructions, and the result is a more moist and aromatic loaf.

I am amazingly fortunate to be able to spend such a large amount of time during my children’s early years just being with them. There are times I am more aware of this, and today was one of them.


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