Night Terrors

Yes, they were terrors last night. Both my son and daughter woke up at different times screaming their heads off. Having procrastinated and got to be late, this was a real challenge.

First my son woke us all up at 2:00 AM. I went in to settle him down, but he would not respond to anything. He flailed so hard that I almost dropped him, and a diaper change only made him scream louder. His body was rigid with the emotion he was feeling. After futile attempts and as my daughter started to build up steam to join him, I switched tactics and took her to our guest room so that she could settle down and get some sleep. By the time I returned, he had quieted down. In the morning, I found that he had a massive diaper, so his G.I. tract was probably the culprit.

Then at 4:00, my daughter came back upstairs. She was crying and getting louder. Fearing she would wake my son who continued to grunt and whine occasionally through the night, I pulled her into bed, and she snuggled down between me and my wife. Not much sleep to be had with her kicking me in the back.

At 5:45, I got up as my son started his morning wake up routine. I wanted to avoid him waking up my wife and daughter. Needless to say, today was challenging. Luckily it is one of my days at home; unluckily it is one of my full day solo parenting days. I did manage to walk the half hour there and back to drop off my daughter at school and again at pick up time. I even went to the pool this evening after getting the kids to bed for a quick swim. I am finally feeling somewhat human.

I really hope they sleep tonight.


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