Plague Ship

Years ago, my girlfriend at the time gave me a book about how water treatment in Philadelphia helped eradicate disease. In this book, there was a description of the plague ships that would sit in harbor while passengers either died or survived in cramped quarters for great lengths of time. Philadelphia had no way to deal with the diseases coming in, and they devastated the population. As horrific as these plague ships were, quarentine was one of the only ways they could combat the spread of disease.

In four days, my family traveled about 16 hours on the road, and for much of that at least one member was fairly ill. On the trip to Philly my daughter sat in the back with a cloth napkin to wipe her nose as we just couldn’t keep up with the pace she was going through tissues. For all that she was suffering, she did very well and mostly listened to her music on headphones for the very extended trip. She did not even harp on the car being broken as she has in the past after one of these events (see earlier post about missing radiator cap).

She improved over the weekend to be mostly well by today’s return trip. However, both my wife and son came down with the cold, and both registered fevers. Both also got some naps in while my daughter listened to her music, and I wrestled with a wind-buffeted car.

Given our experience over winter break when we brought a lingering and intense respiratory illness with us across the country, I feel that soon people will be locking their doors to keep us out.


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