Sleeve of Care: Still Raveled

Sleep did some knitting last night. I feel a bit more healed from the journey over the weekend. Perhaps the kids are, too. My daughter seems to be pulling out of her cold, and my son slept through the night with just a few momentary wake ups. Tomorrow, I get to be parent helper, again, at my daughter’s school, and we are scheduled for a play date. Hope sleep finishes the repair job enough to enjoy what really should be enjoyable.

I reach these points, usually after extended illness or sleep deprivation, when I have to refocus on enjoying my children being children. The incessant, loud questions, the screaming in frustration, the things that pierce my brain and wear down my patience are not the sum total of my children. In fact, they represent a small percentage of what they do, so they should be less proportionally represented in my vision of them. It is time to readjust and realign my sight on my children. It is time to focus on the amazing, the cute, the absolute love. It’s also time to sleep.



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2 responses to “Sleeve of Care: Still Raveled

  1. Elisabeth

    My sister was telling a story of helping out at a brownie activity whenher daughter was younger and there were too many girls and she had her three younger sons with her and it was chaotic and she was starting to unravel. And then she sees this mom who is keeping it all together in the midst of the chaos and my sister asks how she does it. The other mom just replied that when it got the most crazy she just reminded herself that she was making memories. That whatever was happening, that’s what her kids would remember years down the road and it seemed to put it in perspective. I love reminding myself of that when I have my nieces & nephews over for sleepovers, or whatever. And hopefully the memories wills be good ones 🙂

  2. That is a good perspective to take. I also think about what I am modeling for my children in terms of my reaction to stress. What my actions and words are in those situations.

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