Mirror, Mirror in My Children

Today, my daughter was bouncing off the walls before and during the visit of a dear friend who I had not seen for years. My daughter pulled out all of the stops, being shy at first, giving hugs, and wanting to share with my friend in a constant stream of conversation. Of course there was a bit of this running through my blood at the same time, but being several decades older than my daughter, I reigned it in a bit. Oh, the joy inside me was clearly visible, I am sure.

It is amazing when, and it is often, that our children are a clear reflection of what is going on inside of our own selves. This is true not only in the happy excited times, but also in the grumpy, sad, angry times. My daughter has picked up several body expressions when she is frustrated that I have been doing. They don’t look so great on her, and I am sure they look less so on me. Time to stop modeling those ones. Joy, however, is perfectly fine.


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