Flip Flops

While my daughter loves her flip-flops, that is not the focus of this post. It seems that my children have reversed their roles with me recently. For a period that seemed much too long, my son was fussy and recalcitrant on a regular basis. Now that he is improving and regaining his normal cheerful disposition, my daughter has plunged into a streak of contrary and resistant behavior. She is reserving the extremes of this for me.

Today when I arrived home for a very good but hectic day at work and from riding the six miles home on my bike, she changed from the helpful person she had been all day with my wife to the pouty, frustrated person she has been showing me. I don’ think I have been that bad that she is just reflecting my behavior back at me, but I must check my own systems first. After that, I am working to bend with it.

Tonight I tried responding to her behavior with, “It seems like you are excited that I have come home from work. Can you show me that by doing some stretches with me?” She did admit that the behavior was because of her excitement and for a while the stretching worked. For a while.

As the ground shifts, and it does seemingly daily, the trick is learning the new dance steps that allow me to stay somewhat upright. I hope that in just trying I am still building the relationship with her even when it seems that we are having a hard time.

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  1. Sometimes I think young children fall apart for a time in order to reassemble into the next level of development. They grow and change at such an amazing rate. It must be hard for them (and of course their parents) at times. Really hard at the end of a long day when everyone is tired. You are doing a great job Dada.

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