Not Half Full, All Full!

Today was one of those great days when I was able to get a lot done, go mostly at my kids’ pace, and have lots of fun.

They got me up around 6:00 in the morning. I had a good morning with them and walked my daughter to school in the stroller. My son fell asleep on the ride and even stayed asleep in the stroller as I got my daughter situated in the classroom. He snoozed for most of the walk home on which I stopped at the grocery and hardware stores.

With double-sided tape in hand, I mounted the small magnet board on the play kitchen:

After that, I mounted the large magnet board in the kitchen. During all of this, my son was just happily puttering around mostly playing with the toy kitchen. I even got the dishwasher loaded and running and the bread maker working, as well.

After picking up my daughter, I walked with the two of them in the stroller to the doctor’s office for her annual physical. My son fell asleep, again, in the stroller. He awoke halfway through the appointment, but it was a very long appointment. In addition to the usual, they tested her vision and hearing in ways they had not before. She got her last round of shots for a number of years, yeah. She did get four shots in her arms which she did not appreciate at all.

After we got out of the office, we called one of my daughter’s school friend’s mom, and they came over for a play date. We planted lots of seeds, played, and had snacks together.

It was finally time to bid our friends adieu, and get dinner started. At this point, the kids did fall apart a bit, but we then had a nice dinner-bath-bed routine. The day was by no means half full; it was all full.

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