More Kids’ Books

In a recent trip to the library, we got four more books to read at home. How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? is another in my daughter’s favorite series of misbehaving dinosaurs. She loves the bedtime and doctor one. This one, while humorous and engaging, is a little less accessible to her at four years old. Maybe as she grows, she’ll grow into it.

The House in the Night, however, is just right for her, and I love the illustrations. A Caldecott winner, this book is beautiful, and the poem is perfect for a bedtime book. Similarly easy to read but wildly different in other regards, Rhino’s Great Big Itch! is a tale about how a Rhino solves an itchy problem. Bright colors, funny animals, and a couple of good lessons along the way make this a good read. My daughter loved both of these.

Anna Hibiscus’ Song, though, is my favorite. It has more text, more story, and it is infectiously happy. It is a rare good children’s book set in Africa.

I love that the library is steps from the front door, has a wonderful selection of children’s books, and that my daughter and I can read together.



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3 responses to “More Kids’ Books

  1. Kudos to parents who promote reading!
    Happy Pages,

  2. The Riles family tradition. That is one of the reasons we bought a house in U Heights. We could walk to the library easily!

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