Splashing, no, Gliding in the Puddles!

On Thursday, my daughter rode her bike all the way to school. Previously, I pushed the double stroller with both kids all the way with the occasional bit of walking by my daughter. One day she even walked all the way home, but this is not a practical way for us to get to school. It took about an hour and a half.

The day was gray and drizzly–the kind of day that folks around here love to complain about. I love being out in cool, damp weather. I also love what it does for my garden and all the plants around. So we put on rain coats and set out for school.

Because of the rain the night before, there were significant puddles on the sidewalk, especially at the curbs. Before this trip, my daughter usually kept her feet on or close to the ground when using her walking bike. It was really a walking bike rather than a glider. The puddles, however, created a fun reason to pick the feet up, and as the walk went on, she became more and more comfortable gliding and going fast. In fact, I added a bit of extra time figuring she would take breaks or some other issue might happen. We did the normally 30 minute walk in about 20 with me jogging to keep up. The walking bike became a running bike!

I love how confident she became even in this one journey; her balance improves, and she is getting ready for a pedal bike. She already has declared that her pedal bike must have a basket for carrying things.


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