The Signs Are Good

I remember back in middle school Latin class, I played the part of a head priest in a Saturnalia festival. I pulled a string of red-dyed socks from the stomach of some animal and foretold something. Perhaps I read the flight of birds, too, from left to right or right to left. Sinister. The signs, as read by a middle school boy, were probably overly dramatic and silly.

The signs of my boy, however, are miraculous. He has just started using them with determination Monday. During lunch, he started using “more” and laughing as I gave him more bread. He might be associating this sign with bread, but it will soon generalize. Then, in the evening, he asked for cheese with both sign and a word probably only his parents will recognize for some time. He did it repeatedly and with interest. It was real communication in a way I have not had with him before. He also ate his entire dinner using a fork; well I put the food on the fork, but he took it from me and ate the food off of it.

Clearly the two hour naps have been helping his brain make amazing connections and growth. In the end, I have no words to describe the wonder and joy being his parent brings me.

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