Mother’s Day: The Obvious and Beyond

To my mom. The work I do with my hands and heart flow from your wellspring. Gardening, art, music, hysterical laughter. Each time we are together, and especially when you are with my children, I see from a new vantage what you gave me. For this and so much more, thank you.

To my wife. You are an amazing partner in this crazy adventure of parenthood. You are an amazing mother. Our children are lucky to have you. It is that simple, and at the same time it is amazingly complex. Thank you.

To all the others who have been mother to me and to my children. To my teaching partner of many years in St. Louis, to my best friend’s mother who pulled my teeth, to my teachers, to my friends, to my loves, to my communities. You all held me in times of need and nurtured me. Thank you.

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  1. I love how you honor all of the nurturing people in your life.

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