A Workshop Away

Two projects from this weekend’s workshop

Last weekend, I had the great fortune of attending a workshop at the High-Low Tech Group at MIT. The focus was sewable circuits and combining the LilyPad Arduino chip with an accelerometer to control an object on a computer. In Technological Ontogeny, I wrote two posts (first, second) about the experience.

I can’t wait to get my kids into programming and building. Last year, I saw a presentation by Marina Bers from the Tufts University DevTech Research Group. Among many other wonderful resources, she shared a tangible programming tool. Using blocks with printed icons that then are translated into programs by taking a picture of the blocks and importing that into a program which reads the programming information from the image.

Of the many thoughts I have from this weekend’s experience, two stand out right now. My daughter is already old enough to start playing with some of these programming tools, and I have to continue to connect with these groups and people in order to continue growing my own skill set and to broaden my network of people who are engaged in this work. I also reconfirmed that I need space to decompress from parenting, and this type of activity is perfect for me.


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