What is important?

In the last few weeks, intensity at work has elevated, both kids are in less fun patterns of behavior, and I have managed to get a nasty cold from school. It is at times like this that the really important things in life become clear because they are the only things one can actually accomplish.

Breathing, eating, sleeping. I get to those with regularity, though with probably not enough intentionality to truly benefit. Parenting is built in to the day, as well. I continue, though again not with the care and thoughtfulness that would consistently lead to good parenting.

Communicating with my wife, especially as the school year ends and much is on our collective plate, happily is still happening with the caveats mentioned above.

And I am keeping up this blog. Probably not my best writing, probably not uncovering any real gems, but I am sticking to it. Just in the drive to get up off the couch and get my body in front of the computer, I know this is important to me. It makes me happy that my goal of holding myself accountable for being at least somewhat reflective about my parenting is still holding up when I have dropped many other things.

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  1. Blog on MacDuff! (It really does help me. I mean my blogging. Actually, your blogging helps me, too. It is too complicated to describe).

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