How to Find the Center

In math class, I remember learning different ways to find the center of a circle using just a piece of paper. I think I could reproduce the technique if needed, but it might take a few tries.

People’s center are a bit more difficult to find or identify, usually. Recently a friend of mine has been posting on Facebook as a close relative passed away. My friend’s center is built on his faith, and it is clear that he finds meaning in the world during difficult times (and other times, as well) through this well defined core.

My center is less well defined. I have, in different phases of my life, had it revealed or actively worked on it. Times of intense emotion often reveal it as a shadow cast on the wall by brilliant light. Raising children is an ongoing search for the center. Sometimes it eludes me, and sometimes I have moments of clarity.

Tuesday night, I came home from a fairly intense day at work to a quick hand-off as my wife was out the door to perform in the evening. This left me with two children who had little sleep the night before (a condition that led to me having not much sleep either), bath and bed to complete, and a real lack of reserves to get through the evening. This provided me an excellent opportunity to continue my search for my center, and amazingly I was up to the task. I remained calm and enjoyed my children’s company while still moving the process forward in a timely manner.

Here’s hoping, as I write this Tuesday night, that they don’t choose to test me by waking up and screaming!


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