How the Garden Grows

In Boston, we have had a stretch of cold, rainy weather. Many people gripe about it, but I see it in several ways. First, this is New England, and this is the weather that is normal. If I get bent out of shape by it being how it normally is, I am setting myself for being bent out of shape on a regular basis. Another way of looking at the cool, rainy weather is from the perspective of being out in it and observing what it does. The plants love it, the birds sing loudly in it, and the earth surges with life. For this, I love the cool and the rain.

And my garden loves it, too! Strangely, the peas are not thriving this year, but I am sure we will get something from them. The beets and carrots look like they’ll put something out. We might get five or six beets. The corn and sunflowers are growing very nicely. We have ornamental corn and strawberry popcorn growing. I am excited for those, and so is my daughter. These are seeds she selected at the store, and she regularly stops in to see how the plants are growing.  Also, some plant grew out of the compost I put in the ground, so I am letting it grow. I think it will be some sort of squash or melon. We’ll see.

The beets have gorgeous leaves

The peas are flowering











The corn grows tall

So do the sunflowers. Need to tie them up soon.












Frilly carrot tops!

Who is this?



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2 responses to “How the Garden Grows

  1. What a beautiful garden!

  2. Carol Malthaner

    Have fun with the mystery plant in the compost! That is one of my favorite early childhood memories – watching a mysterious vine grow in with my father’s dumped grass cuttings over in a back corner of the yard. Ultimately, there were some wonderful pumpkins – miracles, to me, at the time.

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