Across the clouds I see my shadow fly

My son is on the cusp of communicating effectively. He has a few signs and a few words that he is beginning to use regularly. Food is one of his most reliable ones. After screaming in frustration, he will start banging his mouth with his fist. While it does convey meaning, there will be a time when he chooses to forgo the frustration and pain and just let us know he wants food. Thirsty, milk, tired, nap, more, and a few other signs are starting to appear with some regularity.

Equally exciting are the words. Yep, OK, and down are some of the ones that we can now determine. Mama and Papa, of course, are there. Of these, I love “down” which comes out more like “dang.”

Watching this language acquisition happen is a pleasure and a privilege. Daily, his mind unfolds and becomes more available to us. I am watching my son learn to fly.


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