The Foundation of Home

The new porch floor.

Last weekend, I tore up the old and cracked linoleum tile in the front porch, patched the subfloor, applied an adhesive helper, and stuck down self-stick tiles. I have never used these things before having always applied adhesive to the floor and then put tiles on that. I am pretty sure if I spent some time matching patterns, the outcome would have been better, but I was rushing through the project. Though the process was quick, I am not sure of it’s lasting power.

This porch is common space for us and our downstairs tenants. One thing’s lasting power I do wonder about is how life where we are will affect our children. I grew up on a street with friends, we played in the street and only moved out of the way for the occasional car. All the houses on the street were single family units, and we all had fair sized back yards, too. The games of sardines and bloody murder went well into the night, and there were always adults around to help take care of all the kids.

I have no idea how living with tenants in a much more densely packed population and access to public transportation will create fundamental building blocks of my children’s personalities. I will have to wait at least 20 years to get some sort of answer to that.


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One response to “The Foundation of Home

  1. Wow. Porch floor looks great.
    Kids aren’t outside in the street in U Heights anymore. It’s a whole different culture.
    I think that the real foundation is loving, caring parents. Without that, there is nothing.

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