I Broke the Weedwhacker, But I Did Not Break the Hedge Trimmer

A much lesser known reggae song, but it was what I was singing as I did yard work on Sunday, Father’s Day. I finally got to the hedge and the ivy that have pushed out copious growth since last year. I filled three trash cans and five yard bags with clippings, and the place doesn’t look like a scary Fragonard landscape. The ivy, however, did wreck the weed whacker. I ended up trimming it with the hedge clipper.

I started the morning getting up with the kids at the decent hour of 6:30. I made pancakes and hung out until my wife came downstairs. I then took a nap and awoke to have lunch with the crew. Yard work followed.

In the evening, my daughter and I planted two pots with purple pepper seedlings and seeds for lettuce, basil, and radishes. The radishes were a party favor from a classmate’s birthday party on Saturday. Around here, that is record time getting something in the soil. We then watered our garden where sunflowers and corn are doing well. We might get one large beet out of there, too. We then dropped one of the pots off at a friend’s house where we also deposited their half of the farm share.

I finished the day’s chores by picking up a dresser on craigslist. Our children’s clothing no longer fits in one dresser, and we had been looking for a while. I glued up the bottom of one of the drawers and put a clamp on it. Hopefully over night the glue will set and hold the slightly warped bottom in.

All in all, a good Father’s Day.


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