I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!

Airplane has provided us with so many quotes that have lasted through the years. The whole sequence of, “I picked the wrong week to quit…” still cracks me up. On Sunday, it was one of the things I used to get myself past the caffeine headaches that come with going cold turkey.

Each year, I begin in the fall with healthy habits. I stretch, exercise, and eat well. Somewhere along the way, I start slipping in a diet Dr. Pepper here and there, and then stress eating kicks in. For the last few years, this has been an issue because I have been under greater stress than usual at my job and have been involved in a job hunt for the last two. This year, the end of the year brought two huge projects that I am still working on. However, the unhealthy habits end today, and it sucks.

Of course this is the week that my wife is out of town unexpectedly, of course this week has plenty of scheduling for the kids, and of course this week I need to fix the issues I have been working on at work. I hope today was the worst of it

My poor kids had to deal with cranky Daddy, but I really made an effort to not let my physical state affect our day. My poor choices should not have a negative impact on them even though that is unavoidable. I just hope that my positive choices also set some foundations for my children to use when they need them.


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