Bookended by Tears

On Monday, my daughter started her new music class. She had been so excited for quite a while; we even pass by the building where the class is held on the way home from her preschool, so she got to see it each day while school was still in session.

My wife and I now know that transitions to new spaces and people and even returning to familiar ones after a break are hard for our daughter. Monday was no exception. She had a very difficult time saying goodbye and finally did so through tears as she went off with the teacher to get some crayons. The teacher reported that these tears stopped as soon as I left.

While she was in class, I took my son in to school to keep working on a project and ended up getting back a bit early. I was soaked from walking through a downpour, and as I wrestled the stroller into the building, I heard my daughter crying. I took her from the person holding her and discovered that she was crying because the drum class had been too loud.

With some trepidation, I dropped her off Tuesday, but with our ritual five hugs and three kisses and then her two hugs and two kisses, she went right in and got started. I sit here writing this on Tuesday before I go to pick her up. Is the transition complete? What will I find when I get there?


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