Death and Tow Trucks

My daughter has been fixated on two things recently. Her four-year-old mind is grappling with the meaning of death and of tow trucks.

Death has come up recently in several contexts. Occasionally, my daughter would ask where her mother’s mother was. She has a granddad and grandma on my side and a saba on her mom’s side. Where is savta? It seems that recently, my daughter has been comprehending the answers in a new way. Possibly this had to do with the death of one of her class birds this year. The whole class processed the event, and she got to see how others her age and how her teachers expressed their understanding of death and loss.

Recently this focus has turned to living people. She has been asking how old I am and if I am going to die soon. That is followed by a command, “You have to live here for ever and be mine for ever, ok?”

And then there are tow trucks. Around our home, street sweeping regularly leads to cars being ticketed and towed, or as she calls it, “Tic, Tagged, and Towed.” Again, this interest has sprung from several sources. Adding to stories from her mom and a caregiver, we saw tow trucks taking cars away on Monday when we were heading to music class.

Now, she sees tow trucks everywhere even when there are none around.


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