11 and 5

Remember the 10 and 2 directions for holding the steering wheel? Evidently it is now 9 and 3 with the advent of airbags. 11 and 5, however, is just bad driving, and it is even worse as a pattern of waking up and screaming by my son. Nevertheless, he has fallen into this pattern for no apparent reason. He is fed, changed, rested, and everything else that should indicate a full night’s sleep.

After three or four nights of this, he skipped the 5 o’clock wake up, and his earlier one was closer to midnight. I held him for a while, changed him for good measure, and put him back down. He screamed for a few more minutes before falling back asleep.

Something is bouncing around his neurons at night. As tiring and frustrating it is to have an inconsolable child in the middle of the night, I imagine it is even worse being the inconsolable child.


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  1. Sarah Hickok

    it’s often just before a big milestone.

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