Raspberries and Fireflies

Upon my arrival in New York, I saw a raspberry bush with deep red, ripe berries. These were on a very long flight of stairs that led from the last train station to the street above. Again, on a walk I passed a long border of raspberries and grapes that had run wild; again, the bushes were bursting with fruit. The ones on our CSA are not yet at this point of growing prolifically and fruiting at this time, but my daughter’s joy at finding berries to eat is magical. Her joy in this echoes the garden of my childhood home where a patch of raspberries featured prominently. I did not love making jam from them, but that jam was one of the jewels of our produce.

Equally magical each summer was the arrival of lightening bugs. Their glowing, starting at ground level and rising to the tree tops as the evening progressed, seemed beyond biological explanation. It was something escaping from the books I read, from the fantasy outside this world. As I walked to dinner after a session at this workshop I am attending, I was greeted by a glowing carpet of lightening bugs. I can’t wait to bring my daughter to my childhood home where she can experience these for herself.


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