Web 3.0 and Beyond

The term digital native is tossed around often these days even as its meaning is slipping away. The college students graduating in the next years will have lived their entire life with the Internet, yet the internet is evolving and growing, too.

Web 1.0 was a collection of mostly static pages, and that was replaced by the more interactive Web 2.0 with which we are now comfortable. This blog is a good example of Web 2.0. I am able to generate content and publish it to an audience. The hallmark of Web 2.0 has been the ability for users to create content and interact with websites.

This is not the web my children will know. We are already on the cusp of 3.0, and they will grow up in a world where not only do they use voice commands to input information, but the devices they use will communicate back in fluent language. They will assume their digital tools will conform to their needs and the barrier between digital and “real” will blur to the point of being irrelevant.

Still, I believe it important to give my children the experiences of the “ancient” world. I want them to go for periods of time without digital connection on a regular basis. I want them to learn to problem solve both with and without technology, and I want them to have questions that aren't instantly answered. I hope they find value in these experiences and are able to integrate them into their world views that will stretch far beyond mine.

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