A Trip to Sweden on a Rainy Day

Wednesday we were supposed to go visit a friend and spend the day on the beach, but with violent storms forecast, we searched for another idea. The early morning and petulant children made thinking of anything original a challenge. The Museum of Science and the Aquarium were guaranteed to be swamped with camp groups and tourists avoiding the same storms.

Suddenly my wife was inspired and suggested a trip to IKEA. The long car ride would give my son a chance to get the nap he was flat out refusing to have, and we could do some window shopping for the new playroom we are planning. My office will become the playroom, and I’ll join my wife in her office. Our plan is to get this done this summer, and we might just make it. We sure took a big step forward with this trip, and our children got out of the house during what was, indeed, torrential thunderstorms.


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