In a Pickling State of Mind

What to do with vastly too many veggies from our farmshare? Make far too many pickles!

My wife does not like pickles, and nor do my kids. I do, but I can’t possibly go through 12 quarts of pickles before they go bad. I did not go all out for the sterilized canning, so these will last ten days to two weeks. Hopefully they are good enough to serve at our baby sitting co-op get together this weekend. If they are good, then I will hand them out to people who like them.

These pickles have ginger, mustard, and many other flavors including standards such as dill. Veggies include beets, beans, carrots, cucumbers, onions, and garlic scapes. I also added eggs because I absolutely love pickled eggs.

I didn’t include my daughter in this project for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I got to it after she went to bed. Also, much of the prep was cutting veggies and pouring heavy pots of hot liquid. I am pretty tired after doing this, and I think it would have been overly arduous for her, turning something fun into something unpleasant. It’s hard to know where that line is, and with a project like this, I’d like to get through it without having to stop in the middle. We have plenty of projects to do, however, and my daughter has no shortage of imagination to think of more. Recently, she has been saying she wants to make soft puppets. Let’s go find the cloth and other materials.

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