Having a Ball

My daughter is wrapping up a week of soccer camp which met for two hours in the morning each day. I dropped her off on Monday, and I was a little trepidatious about my daughter’s first reaction to this new experience. Her first encounter with her music teacher earlier in the summer included crying, screaming, and me having to walk out as she cried and hiccuped through, “Good bye, Daddy. I am going to help the teacher.” She was right as rain as soon as I left, but the parting is not a fun experience for either of us.

Coach Katie, however, made all the difference in the world. She has a wonderful rapport with my daughter which led to immediate bonding. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Here is an athletic, cheerful woman being a role model and teaching my daughter to love exercise. It doesn’t hurt that it is soccer, one of my all time favorite sports.

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to getting my daughter into playing soccer. I played through elementary and middle school and then again in senior year in high school. I thing the game is one of the best out there. We even have a small soccer ball. Yet, I have not gone out and kicked it around with her. My best friend growing up lived on my street, and we played soccer constantly. She went on to play in college, and I am sure still plays. Coach Katie reminds me a bit of her, and if that is something my daughter can learn, I’ll be the happiest dad.


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