Tree Trimming

On Sunday, I took the kids out for the customary they-are-too-crazy-to-keep-inside-in-the-evening-before-dinner walk. My son was in the stroller, and my daughter happily stomping along in her rain boots hoping for a downpour. I have been neglecting yard work–the weeds are now taller than my daughter. One of the branches of the tree in front of our house threatens to decapitate taller people and just whack shorter ones with a wake up call. As I ducked under it, I decided that our walk would feature Daddy doing yard work, so I parked the stroller far enough away to be safe, told my daughter to stand next to it, and got out the tree trimmer.

Unfortunately the branch to be cut was fairly thick for one of the small saw blades on the end of a pole and far too thick for the limb lopper. I sawed and sawed and sweated and sweated until the limb finally came down. It was great entertainment for my kids with my son laughing his head off and my daughter telling me how to saw.

I then got out the much more effective hand-held limb lopper and cut up the pretty big branch quickly, bundled it up with twine, put the tools away, and continued on with our walk.

I am glad to do this kind of thing with my kids watching. They hopefully will believe they, too, can do physical things and do them on the fly.

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