There and Back Again

The theme these recent weeks has been travel. I have traveled as a solo parent with two children, I have traveled to a writing retreat sans family, and now we have just completed a trip to Philly as a whole family. However, I was pretty worn out, so my wife bore the lion’s share of the work on the way there.

I did take the kids to the airport on the train and bus while my wife drove from work to meet us there. After a half hour snafu at the ticketing counter when I tried to add my youngest as a lap child and then a subsequent snafu at the security line when the guy between my wife & kids and me had distributed his toiletries throughout his luggage which left my family on the other side of security from me and all of our belongings, after all that, my wife took over.

I managed to get pretty sick while in Philly, so she did a lot of the care while we were there and on the flight back.

Though I was close to delirious, especially from the excruciating pain in my ears during descent, I did not imagine dragons, mountains of gold, or dwarves with funny names. Perhaps it would have been more enjoyable if I had.


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