Who Pulls the Boats in Soccer?

During dinner on Wednesday, my daughter described the day’s soccer experience. She has been attending the same camp this week that she did earlier in the summer, and after initial disappointment at having a new coach, she has been having a blast. Evidently the coach had the four children play a game against him. Little did he know that soccer was about to have a host of new rules.

“We pulled the boats while he swam,” was the clue that the game had turned slightly imaginative. That was followed by, “Then when he pulled the boats we tried to hide the balls.”

I can guess that the small, portable, pop-up goals might have been the boats, but how they became that or how “swimming” was integrated into the game is up for grabs. All I know is that my daughter is having a blast being physical, learning soccer, and being her amazing imaginative self.

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