Bearded Men

My daughter is afraid of bearded men. It takes her time to warm up to strangers, but bearded men will put her into tears. Sunday was no exception. After dropping off Grandma at the airport, a sad departure for all of us, we then went to Sunday school at a synagog that we have started going to now and then.  This was my daughter’s first class, and the teacher had a wild beard and longish hair. He freaked her out, and it took her all class to get warmed up to him. We went straight from there to a new session of soccer. Here, she was confronted by two bearded coaches. Tears again ensued, and it took my participation for her get on track and really get involved.

There is a lot of transition going on in our family’s life. My daughter is going back to school this week, my wife and I have been very full time at our schools until this week when we resume our part time schedules, and my son is learning new things every day including climbing up chairs. Add three weeks of grandma into the picture, and when she leaves that is a major change. It is easy to see how my daughter is more sensitive than usual would be highly affected by the triumvirate of bearded men Sunday. It took a lot of parenting by both parents, and she was tired by the end of the day.


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