According to Plan

When does parenting, or anything for that matter, go according to plan. Thursday, however, went as according to plan as it could. It was the first day in which I was off from work, my daughter was in school, my wife was working into the evening, and my son was with me all day. This will be the usual Thursday, but since it is the first one, there is no usual about it.

However, it went off pretty much without a hitch. Drop off was easy, my son and I got back in time to meet with a contractor, we then walked and shopped for groceries, and pick up went well, too. I got my son home in time for his nap which went an amazing 3.5 hours! I had a work phone call during his nap and my daughter’s quiet time. Dinner was a bit unplanned and lame, but I was running out of gas as much as the kids.

I’m going to have to build up my all-day-with-kids stamina again.


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