Sweet Beginning of a New Year

My daughter in the trees

Monday the whole family went to a synagog to celebrate Rosh Hashanah at a family service. We were surprised by our neighbors and by the father of one of my former students. What a nice start to the day!

After lunch and nap, we headed off to do some apple picking. These apples, combined with honey, make up the iconic treat of the holiday and symbolize the sweetness of the new year. It turned out that MacIntosh was in season, and that suits me just fine. I love the tart sweetness, and when honey is added it is yummy.

Of course we walked through the shop of this fairly nice apple orchard, and they were stocked with all kinds of apples and apple wares. From peelers to baked goods, we were tempted. In the end, we settled for cider doughnuts–yummy and warm.

There were lots of good things about the day, but really it was that we got to spend a whole day together having fun that meant the most to me. It was indescribably sweet.


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